About Kobi Hass

Israeli-Canadian bass player, arranger and music educator, Kobi Hass, is known internationally as an electric and upright bass player and for his musical work. In 2010 he relocated with his family from Tel-Aviv to Toronto where he now resides and performs.

As a child Kobi played the piano and the cello. Not long after he picked up the bass Kobi started performing as professional electric and upright bass player in various bands and groups, playing a wide range of music styles from jazz through folk music to rock. Venues included Israel, USA, England, Germany, Austria, France, and Soviet Union. Kobi performed as a double bass player in major musical and theatrical shows, as well as in jazz concerts and festivals.

Kobi holds a Master Degree in choir conducting from Tel Aviv University and a Diploma in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston. Kobi has 20 years experience in teaching including 10 years as an Associate Professor of bass instruction at Hed College of Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv, 15 years of instruction as the head of the music department of Blich High School for the arts in Tel Aviv, and as an arranger for various bands and orchestras.

Kobi plays mainly on a wooden carved upright bass, a 1991 5-strings Tobias Killer-B and a 1972 fretless Fender Precision.

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